2 words:
transformational community.

We believe that has God hard-wired us to be in authentic, holy relationships. God infuses those relationships with his grace to grow us up in faith, hope, and love. As we are transformed, God also invites us to be a part of his work of transforming the world.

If you're curious to see what we're all about, check out this page and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Vision
We seek to be an invitational and authentic Christ-centered community sent out to transform lives
through the Gospel.

InterVarsity Staff

Jordan Maroon
Undergraduate Chapter Team Leader  
Jordan was born and raised in the suburbs outside Richmond, Virginia.  He attended Christopher Newport University where he majored in Political Science, minored in Leadership Studies, and, through his experience with InterVarsity, gained a deep passion for seeing the gospel move in college students. Jordan eagerly came on staff with IV and, after a training year at UNC, spent the  previous 3 years staffing the InterVarsity chapter at Wake Forest University.  This past summer, he married his wife Krystal (who works with Greek InterVarsity at UNC) and moved back to Chapel Hill to join her in life and ministry.  A passionate sports fan, in his spare time he also enjoys watching movies, playing video games, devouring book after book, and generally just wants to spend as much time with his wife as possible.

John Farmer
Undergraduate Chapter
John is originally from Altavista, VA, a quaint town in rural Virginia.  Upon graduating from Altavista High in '03, he attended the University of Richmond, where he majored in Classical Greek and minored in Religion.  While he is certainly thankful for that diploma, the greatest thing John took from his time at U of R was his wife, Julie, with whom he has the joy to partner with in ministry here at UNC.  When not spending time with Julie or UNC students, John enjoys a rousing 18 holes of disc golf, being an elitist when it comes to music or movies, and reading classic novels, fantasy and sci-fi novels, or used textbooks he never got around to reading while in college.

Julie Farmer
Undergraduate Chapter
Julie graduated from the University of Richmond where she studied Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Studio Art. She loves creating things especially through the mediums of photography and textiles. Julie has a really hearty laugh. She came on staff because she was changed immensely through her InterVarsity experience in college. Julie is also married to John who is on staff at UNC, too. Julie oversees New Student Welcome, Special Events, Discipleship, Prayer, Evangelism, Study Abroad, and Alumni Fundraising. 

Carolyn Ogrosky
Undergraduate Chapter
Carolyn grew up in a little town just north of New York City and moved south to attend the University of Richmond in 1997, from which she received degrees in Human Movement Science and International Relations. After taking a year off from campus ministry to work in the inner city, she ultimately moved back towards the university, interning at Elon University and then staffing the InterVarsity chapter at Richmond for 6 years.  She is married to a wonderful man named Reed who is currently pursuing his PhD in Applied Mathematics at UNC and they have a son, Josh, who keeps them laughing.  She loves to play volleyball as much as possible, is interested in anything having to do with World War II, has recently taken up oil painting, is incredibly passionate about missional worship and the multiethnic journey of faith and can’t read books fast enough. Carolyn is excited to be back on campus this coming year and looks forward to working with the Worship Team, Multiethnicity, Chapter Retreat and Life Groups.

Jordan and his wife Krystal
John and Julie
Carolyn with her husband Reed and son Josh

What We Believe

We believe in:  
The only true God, the almighty Creator of all things,
existing eternally in three persons-
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - full of love and glory.

The unique divine inspiration,
entire trustworthiness
and authority of the Bible.

The value and dignity of all people:
created in God's image to live in love and holiness, but alienated from God and each other because of our sin and guilt, and justly subject to God's wrath.

Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine,
who lived as a perfect example,
who assumed the judgment due sinners by dying in our place, and who was bodily raised from the dead and ascended as Savior and Lord.

Justification by God's grace to all who repent
and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

The indwelling presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit, who gives to all believers a new life and a new calling to obedient service.

The unity of all believers in Jesus Christ,
manifest in worshipping and witnessing churches
making disciples throughout the world.

The victorious reign and future personal return of Jesus Christ, who will judge all people with justice and mercy, giving over the unrepentant to eternal condemnation but receiving the redeemed into eternal life.

To God be glory forever.


1. What is IVCF? InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is an evangelical and interdenominational campus ministry.

2. How large is InterVarsity? Last year, UNC's undergraduate chapter had about 300 students involved in the InterVarsity ministry. Across the nation, we were active on more than 560 college campuses and had approximately 34,000 active students and faculty.

3. How long has InterVarsity been around?
InterVarsity was incorporated in 1941.

4. What does the name mean?
InterVarsity actually comes from England where the term "varsity" referred to one's school. InterVarsity literally means "Inter-School" Christian Fellowship.

5. How do I get involved?
Just come to any InterVarsity event. You are welcome to anything and everything. Also, feel free to email any of the people listed on this site.

6. Do I have to be a Christian?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Even if you do not completely agree with what we believe, we encourage you to come and dialogue with us about your beliefs. Come and see what we have to say and we will listen to what you have to say...we promise! There are no qualifications for membership to IV, everyone from every walk of life is welcome.