Small groups are what we call our weekly Bible studies, which are really the heart of our InterVarsity community. It's here that students wrestle with the challenging teachings of Jesus, pray together, and get to know each other on a deeper level.
Each small group is facilitated by a pair of student leaders and may be women's, men's, or co-ed, typically meeting in a dorm or apartment with others from that housing community. International students are welcome in any small group, but may also want to check out our small group specifically for international students and friends.

We also have a few Life Groups - special topic-specific small groups for people especially interested in meeting with others thinking about things like body image, gender, sexuality, divorce, family dysfunction, relationships with parents and siblings, and other issues.
Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we hope one of our small groups can be a place for you to offer and receive encouragement and support as you explore what it means to follow Jesus. 

If you have any questions about IV small groups, feel free to contact either of the small group coordinators for the 2010-2011 year: Robert Wiggins (, Lauren Breedlove (, or Hannah Watts (

Small Group/ Life Group Information
(location, leaders, time and place! Men's groups are blue, Women's are white and Co-Ed groups are orange!)

Granville/ North/ Mid-Campus:
Granville Men

Scott Thompson & Rob Sykes ( Mondays, Dinner: 6:00, The Agora; Small Group: 7:00, 6th Floor South

Granville Women

Christy Sink & Laura Essick (lessick@ 
Mondays, Small Group: 7:30, Granville East 624

Connor Community Women

Leah Haithcock & Rachel Pennington ( 
Mondays, Small Group: 6:00, Connor Lobby

Connor/Cobb Community Women

Carolyn Stotts & Erin Cowles ( 
Tuesdays, Dinner: 5:00, Cobb Lobby; Small Group 6:00, Cobb Lobby

Connor/Cobb Community Men

Alex Pirro & Jake Gann ( 
Tuesdays, Dinner: 5:00, Lenoir; Small Group: 6:00 Connor Quad

Kenan Community Women

Maria Van Aalst and Mary Miller (
Tuesdays, 7:30, Kenan Lobby

Olde Campus Lower Quad Men

Matt Butler & Kevin Teater (
Tuesdays, Dinner: 6:00, Lenoir; Small Group: 7:00 Stacy Lounge

Olde Campus Upper Quad Men

Aaron Ernst & Nathaniel Linger (
Mondays, Dinner: 6:30, Lenoir; Small Group 7:30, Old West Lounge

Olde Campus Lower Quad Women

Allison Agresti & Paige Califf (
Mondays, 7:30, Aycock/Graham Breezeway

Olde Campus Upper Quad Women

Abby Moore and Liz Nicholson (
Wednesday Small Group: 6:00, Joyner 116

North Campus First-Year Women

Keri Carpenter & Kelsey Furr (
Monday, Dinner: 5:30 Lenoir, Small Group 6:30, in front of Kenan Dorm

Morrison/ Mid-Campus Men

Evan Whitfield & Ben Wines (
Mondays, Dinner: 6:00, Rams Head; Small Group 7:00, Morrison Lobby

Morrison Women

Lindsey Brown & Sarah Cloud (
Monday, Small Group: 7:30, 1st Floor Lounge

Mid-Campus Women

Sarah Dehart & Anna Reynolds (
Mondays, 7:30, TBD, Contact leaders for more information

South Campus:
Ehringhaus Men

Gavin Williford & Michael Hieronymus (
Mondays, Dinner: 6:00, Rams Head; Small Group: 7:00, Ehaus Lobby

Ehringhaus Women

Shannon Huennekens & Annika Johannson (
Mondays,  Small Group: 7:00, 4th Floor Lounge

Craige Men

Kevin Harris & Stephen Wiley (
Tuesdays, Dinner: 6:00, Rams Head; Small Group: 7:00 Craige Lobby

Craige Women

Alexis Beachum & Amy Fourrier (
Mondays, 7:30, Craige Lobby

Hinton James Men

Will Hipschman & Garrett Hastings (
Mondays, Dinner: Small Group 7:00, HJ Lobby

Hinton James Women

Melissa Abbey & Erin Sturgess (
Tuesdays, Dinner: 6:30, Rams Head; Small Group: 7:30 HJ Lobby

Ram/Odum Village

Alyssa Tedder & Kirsten LoGrande (     Mondays, Small Group: 7:00 pm, Ram Village 1

Life Groups:
Men’s Life Group

Ryan Todd & Daniel Acker (
Tuesdays, Dinner & Small Group: 6:00, Old Well

Women’s Life Group

Amanda Hunsucker & Ashley King (
Mondays, Small Group: 8:00, Union 3102

Kingdom Living

Julia Wood & Jenny Smith (
Mondays, Small Group: 7:30, Union Room 3502


Savanah Banta & Brittany Peterson (
Mondays, Small Group: 8:30, Student Union Basement Computer Labs


Kristina Podesta & Lisa Santiago (
Tuesdays, Small Group: 7:00, TBD

Questions about IV? Need help finding a group? E-mail Robert at, Hannah at, Lauren at, or any small group leader listed above.